1. Measure your lumber – it is important that you find thicker lumber for you to work with. Make sure that you have measured all the lumber that you would need before starting so that your job would just be an easy flow

2. Be Ready – make sure that you are prepared when you are going to lumber yard that you have a list of measurements that you need. Or, you can just bring a tape measure with you and a calculator so that you can check what you need before buying it and for you to check the difference of the cost. It is important that you browse first and if you are ready to buy it make sure that you have all the measurement prepared so that it can save you trips from going back and forth into the lumber yard.

3. Always check – always double check the quality of lumber that you chose make sure that it has no damages or cracks so that there will be no problem along the way

• Check for ovals – on your lumber it is important that you check if ever there are a lot of signs of ovals that means it can easily tear out. So, make sure to avoid this so that there will be no problem when working with your lumber

• Check if it twists – make sure that your wood is strong and sturdy and it doesn’t twist because that can be dangerous in building something that means it can break at any time.

• Check the texture and the stripes – you would know a good wood by checking on its edges if they are rough and also has great stripes that mean it is heavy and durable.

• Avoid crook – put your lumber on a flat surface and from there you can see if ever it is straight and smooth avoid crooked lumber.

4. Buy long – when you are working with something it is important that you have already measured or estimated what you need it is important to buy something more than less or to buy something longer. Since you will be cutting it off and that would not be the exact finish that you will get.

5. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best – lumber has a lot of uses it doesn’t mean that it costs that would be perfect for what you are building. For example, what if that is not suitable for outdoors then you will be wasting money. It is important to know the uses and how different lumber can benefit you before you purchase one you can do research or ask an expert. With creativity and craftsmanship, even the cheapest lumber will look beautiful.

6. Always buy more – it is better to buy more in case that you are building something in that way you can save from delivery charges and trips to the lumber yard. Plus, getting it individually can be costly compared to you getting a whole bunch. Lumber can be used anywhere if you have extra you will still use it in the future to make something great out of it.