Not every carpet cleaners are equally created. Though almost all professionals promise high-quality job for a cheap price, you might not get it always.  


Considering the points below and asking the correct questions would help you choose Chino CA handyman that would offer the most value for your money.  

Certifications and Training 

Ask the company what kind of expert training the technicians have attained. An expert carpet cleaning firm must hire an individual that has a Carpet Cleaning Technician Certificate. 

Cleaning Reviews and Experience 

Experience is the best teacher. It does not only come with education. Ask the company how long have they been in the industry and examine their social media website for client feedbacks. 

Ask also your neighbors and friends who they have hired in the past and ask them the experienced they had with the firm. Two or three bad reviews don’t really mean you must not hire that firm. However, a lot of poor reviews will raise a warning. Also, if the details aren’t available on the internet, you could ask the firm for references.  

Insurance and License 

In a lot of states, new cleaning firms rapidly come and go. Ask the firm you’re going to hire if they have the license that matches with the state you’re in. also, you could examine for this on local government sites.  

A carpet cleaning firm must also bring a worker’s compensation and liability insurance that is related to carpet cleaning or other services that they provide. Also, it’s a great idea to ask if the firm does a background examination on each of their workers.  

Cleaning Price 

It likely is if the price seems too good to be true. Usually, the rule of thumb is that you will get what you pay for. Thus, the price must not be your main reason for selecting a professional carpet cleaning firm. Read always the details on advertised specials.  

Cleaning Method 

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification defines the 5 main methods of cleaning the carpet as: 

  1. Dry Soil Removal 

Comprehensive vacuuming aids to eliminate dry soils from the fibers of your carpet. 

  1. Soil Suspension 

This is the use of correct pre-treatment mediator to come loose the soils from the fibers of your carpet. There are 4 features of this method – use of chemicals, application of temperature or heat to fasten the chemical reactions, tension of the fibers in the carpet to help in distributing the chemicals and settle time to finish chemical reaction.  

  1. Soil Extraction 

The most popular technique of eliminating soils from carpet is steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction technique.  

  1. Grooming 

Carpet grooming aids in removing the matting of your carpet and dispense the cleaning agents. 

  1. Drying 

Carpets must not take longer than 1 day to dry with normal humidity conditions and temperature. The drying process could be sped up with the use of outdoor environment, ceiling fans, and air movers. 

An expert carpet cleaning firm must follow this procedure.